Intro Offers

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At WeVitalize our mission is to provide preventative and proactive wellness services to our local community, families, and friends for a healthier life. To start your wellness journey we have six amazing intro offers to help you reach optimal wellness. Choose one or try them all. From sauna to botox to IV therapy we have a treatment to meet your health and beauty needs.

Busy lifestyle affecting your sleep, diet and exercise?

Try a Vitamin IV Therapy- an effective and quick way to add much needed nutrients to your body and improve your overall well being. Book your first IV and receive a free skinny shot-a vitamin injection designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly.

Free Skinny Shot with IV Therapy


Want radiant glowing skin?

Our hydrafacial removes impurities, hydrates and tightens leaving a clearer renewed complexion. The treatment enhances your youthful appearance by evening out skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and quenching your skin for a radiant glow. Save $50 on your first hydrafacial.

Hydrafacial Intro Offer

Energize and increase your overall well being

Infrared Sauna is known to promote energy and healing by improving circulation and oxygenation to the body. The detoxifying session reduces inflammation and stress while increasing energy and mood leaving you feeling refreshed in 40 minutes. Try your first session today for only $20.

Sauna Intro Offer


Tighten, lift and stimulate your skin!

Our filler treatment leaves a tighter, firmer complexion that smooths fine lines and scars. Fillers stimulate collagen production for lasting effects of a natural, hydrated appearance. Feel confident in your skin. Save 10% on your first filler treatment.

Filler Intro Offer

Bring back your younger complexion

Soften and relax facial muscles to reduce the signs of aging- crow’s feet, and frown or forehead lines. Leave with smoother skin and let your enhanced natural beauty shine. Save $50 on your first botox treatment with a minimum purchase of 30 units.

Botox Intro Offer


Tired, dull skin no more!

A glowing complexion awaits you with our microneedling treatment. Boost collagen and improve elasticity to brighten your skin and reduce the signs of tired skin. Helps reduce redness, sun damage, scars and pores revealing your healthy skin. Save 20% on your first microneedling treatment.

Microneedling Intro Offer