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WeVitalize offers a suite of personalized health and wellness services including IV Drip Therapy, Vitamin Injections, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Botox & Fillers, Regenerative Medicine, PRP Facials, Compression Therapy, and more. Let us help you on your path to healthy living and leave you feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, invigorated and revitalized!


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IV Drip & IM Therapy

Variety of personalized IV & IM therapies to help improve fatigue, stress, dehydration, and much more.


Regenerative Medicine

Use your body’s own natural healing agents to accelerate new tissue growth and repair from injuries or chronic pain


Infrared Sauna

Heal with heat! Infrared encourages natural detoxification through sweat, and elevates energy and circulation


PRP Facials

Harness your body’s own natural power to heal itself by increasing collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, and improve moisture retention.


Botox & Fillers

Turn back the clock with Botox and other injectable beauty treatments delivered by our licensed and clinical professionals


Compression Therapy

Reduce swelling and inflammation, while improving muscle recovery and performance.

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I felt clear headed, had extra energy, and got extremely refreshed after an IV Drip Therapy at WeVitalize!